Spreading Islam Through Daawah

Miracles of Quran

Scientific Facts in the Quran

Quran is the words of God thus one can find lots of miracles from it. This document discusses various scientific facts mentioned in the Quran related to astronomy, biology, geology, zoology and other fields. It provides explanations from modern science to show that scientific facts mentioned in the Quran parallel modern scientific discoveries, despite the Quran being revealed over 1400 years ago. Some key topics discussed include the origin of the universe, water cycle, human embryology, mountains, honey, flight of birds, ants, bees, eyelids, skin, mountains, day and night, sunrise, oceans etc.

What The Quran Say About The Creation

The passage talks about what the Quran says about the creation of the universe, earth, first man Adam, nature, rules of worship etc. It mentions creation of Adam and Eve, Iblis rebellion, command to go out of heaven, big bang, first house of worship Kaaba, Iblis refusing to bow to Adam, embryonic stages, day and night, universe, wind, ships, seas, separation of rivers and salt water, fasting, prayer, zakat, reasons for praying, ablution and rules of worship. It also talks about Doomsday.